Camigwen is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's novel Dragon Prince, the first book of the Dragon Prince Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Race diarmadhi
Birth 676, Firon
Rings six
Titles Chatelain of Stronghold
Princedom The Desert


Camigwen was born in 676 and spent most of her life at Goddess Keep. She and Sioned became best friends and she fell in love with Ostvel, the Second Steward of Goddess Keep. Both Camigwen and Ostvel were among Sioned's escort to the Desert in 698, during which she, Sioned, and the rest of the Sunrunners fell violently ill as they had to not only cross a river, but survive a ferry capsizing. Cami and the rest of the Sunrunners were already on land, some unconscious, when the ferry line broke. As Sioned tried to reach floating friends, Cami unhinged the horses so that they could help pull people to land. Once the entourage reached Stronghold, Cami was aghast to discover that no welcome had ben made for her best friend. When she voiced her displeasure, however, Sioned snapped at her, saying she wasn't sure she would have the Desert Prince. Concerned though she was for Sioned's change in opinion, Cami soon was able to see that her friend and the Prince weren't as disinterested in each other as they would have everyone believe. On the journey to the Rialla, Prince Rohan put Cami and Ostvel in charge of the Desert camp, an honor they both enjoyed. They were even more pleased when Rohan asked them to live at Stronghold and run his household. During the Rialla Ostvel won carnelains for her wedding necklet, and Cami bought him a lute as he'd always wanted to learn how to play. During the Lastday celebrations she and Ostvel finally married, and a year later she bore their only child, Riyan. The Plague swept across the Continent in 701 and took Ostvel's beloved Camigwen with it. To honor her, Ostvel and his second wife, Alasen, named their first daughter after her: Camigwen (Jeni) of Castle Crag.

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