Chayla of Whitecliff, Lady of Goddess Keep , is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy and Dragon Star Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Lady Chayla of Whitecliff
Race faradhi
Birth 722, Whitecliff, The Desert
Rings none (will have ten as LoGK)
Titles Lady of Goddess Keep
Princedom The Desert


Chayla was born in 722, the twin of Rohannon and daughter of Maarken and Hollis. She possessed Sunrunner gifts, but wasn't sent to Goddess Keep, due in part to the estrangement between the current Lord of Goddess Keep, her uncle Andry, and her father. Instead, in 736 she was fostered out to Remegev Keep under Walvis and Feylin to be trained in the ways of a Lady. while at the Keep, she met Kazander, an Isulk'im or Desert Tribesmen, who had trained under Walvis in the past. The Isulki took a liking to her, and - although she wouldn't admit it - she slightly to him.

The war with the Vellant'im broke out before her fostering was over and Chayla found herself captured by them. She escaped, but was found by stray Vellanti warriors and raped. Kazander came to her rescue, killing the offenders, and returned her to her parents. She hid the truth of her capture from them, but soon found out that she was with child. She confided in Sioned and Andry. She wanted to be rid of the Vellanti and their memory. Though Andry strongly asked her to bear the child, she refused and, with Sioned's help, rid herself of it. through this ordeal she spent a lot of time with her uncle Andry, and, despite their differences, they grew close. Before he died, Andry had chosen her to be the next Lady of Goddess Keep. She accepted.