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Dorval is a fictional location in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors pale blue
Banner white ship
Seat Greypearl
Trade silk and pearls

Dorval is an island princedom off the coast of The Desert in the Sunrise Water. It is the only princedom to have held unchallenged rule and overall peace before Rohan became the High Prince. It is also the ancient home of the Sunrunners. Along the coast of Dorval lie vast pearl beds, which gives name to the princedom's seat: Greypearl. Silk is the primary trade of Dorval.



Greypearl, the royal seat of Dorval, is known for its beauty. The palace has many lovely gardens and an oratory recreated from the ruins of the ancient Sunrunner Keep. The palace sits on hill built from grey stones that give off an iridescent glow at sun set. Unlike other princely seats Greypearl doesn't have any defensive structures as it has thrived peacefully on its lone island. The gardens overlook a small harbor, where strict laws on behavior are enforced. Herbs, flowers, and trees flourish and are tended daily. Benches sit under trees offering people shaded seats while they enjoy the gardens. A path through the gardens leads to the private enclave. From there one can see the formal gardens and the oratory. Carved stone columns support pale wood and colored glass, whish flooded the oratory with a wondrous rainbow. A seemingly random pattern of windows adorned the ceiling, which let in light from the sun, moons, and stars. A stream of water circled the oratory, running into the gardens below. A footbridge crossed the stream, granting entry to the oratory. The tiles of the floor bear symbols for each season and depict the phases of the three moons for every night of the year as the light pours through the ceiling windows.


Sandeia is the minor keep where Princess Audrite was raised.


Ancient Sunrunner Ruins[]

Ancient Ruins on the far side of Dorval are ruins of an ancient Sunrunner Keep. The ruins had once been an elaborate temple to the Goddess as well as the Sunrunners' home and place of study. The temple design was recreated by Princess Audrite for the oratory at Greypearl. This is where the Star Scroll and histories were discovered.

Princes and Princesses of Dorval
Lleyn - Chadric and Audrite - Ludhil and Iliena - Laric - Audran - Alleyn