Dragon's Rest is a fictional holding in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Dragon's Rest
Colors violet and white
Banner white wreath on violet
Princedom Princemarch
Trade politics, seat of Princemarch, host of the Rialla, dragon food, golden horses

Dragon's Rest is the name given to the valley and palace home built by Rohan for his son, Pol. The palace was built in a valley near The Desert, which was to the east of Dragon's Pass. Rohan had wanted "a new palace that embraces both the Desert and Princemarch" [1].

Once Pol was knighted Dragon's Rest became the new seat of power in Princemarch. It also became the site of the Rialla after Lyell and Kiele of Waes were executed in 719.


The valley is ten measures long and about five across. It's flat, green, and bears trees with ripe fruit, roses, and wild grapevines. Pine trees rise from the jagged stones, which cradle the valley; a river runs through the eastern side, surrounded by red and blue wildflowers. Where the valley narrows into the cleft of the mountains, a lake lies surrounded by lush grasses. Dragons fly above the valley and rest near the lake on their migration from the Catha Hills to the Veresch, giving the valley and palace its name: Dragon's Rest.

The palace consists of a symmetrical layout of towers and halls. The Guard Tower is round and five stories high, made from silver-gray stone, while grayish blue Kierstian tiles adorn the roof. It is matched by another tower for the masters of various trades - horse, hawk, vine, harvest, etc. - between which lies the Princes Hall. The Princes Hall is a creation of Fironese crystal windows, round in the front and flat in the back, facing the water gardens. Two more buildings curve around the fountains, mirroring each other. One is the Prince's private residence, the other the servants quarters, guest chambers, and reception chambers.

Lords and Ladies of Dragon's Rest
Pol and Meiglan - Jihan - Rislyn

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