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Dranath is a fictional herb and drug in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

Dranath is grown only in the Veresch Mountains of Princemarch, the herb has several properties. When boiled, dried, and powdered, dranath can enhance the powers of a Sunrunner or sorcerer, while also helping Sunrunners cross water without illness. In this form the drug is very addicting; withdrawal will almost certainly kill the imbiber. Dranath can also cure the disease known as the "Plague", a malady which affects both humans and dragons. For non-gifted people this drug works as a hallucinogen.


Addiction is the strongest and most dangerous side-effect of dranath. As more of the drug is used, more of the drug is needed to satisfy the craving. Abstinance from the drug causes headaches, a swelling tongue, shaking limbs, aversion to brightness, and a chill as well as an overall ache and fatigue. In extreme cases of fighting the addiction, the victim is nearly insensible. Severe withdrawal causes unconsciousness, memory lapses, vivid and sexually explicit dreams, an itching sensation inside and out, vomiting, cramps, sweating, a foul smell, and deep, gut-twisting agony. The pain of withdrawal in these cases can drive the victim to injure him- or herself in the attempt to get more dranath or to escape the pain. If tied down, the victim's flailing might pull his/her arms from their sockets. He/She might also bite their tongue off. The culmination of all the withdrawal effects eventually weakens the body to the point of total exhaustion. At this point the heart may give out; if it does, then unless the heart restarts (often by CPR) and the victim is able to breathe, he or she will die at long last.

Too much of the drug can kill a victim just as easily as withdrawal. The imbiber feels as if they are drowning, are unable to breath, and become overwhelmed by the drug.

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