Elisel is a fictional dragon in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Character
Race dragon
Birth 716, The Desert
Colors reddish with gold underwings
Dragon to Sioned
Princedom The Desert

Elisel is Sioned's dragon and is a little, reddish she-dragon with gold underwings. In the Old Tongue Elisel means 'Little Wing.'


Elisel was a young Dragon, when Sioned 'bumped' into her, while Sunrunning. Sioned was overwhelmed with Elisel's colors as if impacting with another Sunrunner, just much more powerful. Discovering that dragons may possess the same gifts as faradhi, Sioned tried to approach Elisel consciously. She was again overrun with colors, emotions, and even images. Sioned passed out. Elisel was concerned for the small human, who had connected with her; she didn't fly away until Sioned awoke.

The next time Elisel met Sioned tried was after the Rialla of 719. The Desert delegation was moving slowly because Hollis was still recovering from an enforced dranath addiction. Along the way the party saw a group of dragons in a clearing. Rohan spoke of having a Keep built nearby for Pol - they were in Princemarch, but very close to the Desert border. Sioned decided to try and approach another dragon. She spread her colors out before her, and gently showed them to the dragons. Elisel, recognizing Sioned, approached. Once again Sioned was baraged with colors, feelings, and images, but they weren't as strong as the last time. She cautioned Elisel to be gentle; the young dragon was. Once Elisel's excitement was curbed, Sioned was able to decipher the images Elisel showed her. Sioned asked questions and tried to project the emotions she was feeling and what she was seeing over to Elisel. Sioned pulled Rohan to her side and sent feelings of love and happiness to the young dragon, then sent images from her memory of home and them caring for Pol as a child. Elisel understood. She grew excited again and sent images and feelings back to Sioned, images of her home and her family. The connection was made. Elisel and Sioned were bonded for the rest of their lives.