Feylin, Lady of Remagev , is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Character
Feylin of Skybowl
Race human
Birth 684, Skybowl, The Desert
Titles Lady of Remagev
Princedom The Desert


Feylin was Desert born and bred. Like most of the women from that Princedom, she was strong and fiesty; the fact that she was from the North meant that she was ready to grab a sword every time she heard ' Merida.'

Feylin's blinding passion was to count and study Dragons, even though she was afraid of them. She became a dragon census counter for Rohan and even advised him about dragon hatching caves and dragon behavior. When Rohan travelled to Skybowl, he was surprised to see that Feylin was a young woman instead of a crotchety, older man. He was pleased to hear that the dragons would probably choose the caves between Skybowl and Feruche to lay their eggs. He went to investigate and was captured by the Merida and taken to Feruche. Feylin and Walvis, who had come to Skybowl with his Prince, set off for Tiglath in order to find aid and a Sunrunner. They ran into Kleve, who contacted Sioned. The Sunrunner Princess ordered Walvis to lead the defense at Tiglath. He wanted to rescue his Prince instead, but to Feylin it was clear: Princess Sioned had ordered him to go and the Merida were about to attack. She set off for Tiglath. Walvis and the others seemed shocked for a moment, then Walvis took off after her. Together Feylin and Walvis were able to defend the city and keep the people organized. Rohan was released from Feruche and went on to lead the southern war to victory. He became High Prince in Roelstra's place. He made Walvis Lord of Remagev Keep, and Sioned gifted Walvis with a silver-gray pearl necklet, a necklet which Walvis gave to Feylin a year later. Remagev had fallen somewhat into disarray during the previous Lord's rule, but Feylin and her husband turned it back into a functioning and prosperous Keep. Walvis even began a training regime for men of the Desert, which soon became world renowned. Princes and Lords from all over the Continent sent their sons to be trained by him. Over the years Feylin and Walvis had two children, Sionell and Jahnavi.