Firon is a fictional princedom in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novel of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors black
Banner red seashell
Seat Balarat
Jewels diamond
Trade fine crystal

Firon is a northern princedom bordering Fessenden and the Grand Veresch Mountains. It is the coldest, snowiest princedom on the Continent. The people of Firon usually are darker skinned with black hair and heavy brows. They are famous for the crystal work, be it fine goblets or spun glass windows. Firon nearly lost its status as an independent princedom in 719 after the death of Prince Ajit, who had no heir. An emissary was sent to High Prince Rohan, asking him to name Pol Prince of Firon, on the grounds that Pol's claim came through blood on both his father's side and Sioned's. Rohan and Sioned were wary of accepting the princedom - much to Tobin's chargin - as they knew Pol had no claim through Sioned's bloodline. Rohan put off announcing Firon's fate, debating how to split the princedom between his son's lands, which included Princemarch and The Desert, and Fessenden. At the Rialla of 719, Rohan discovered that Pandsala had murdered Ajit in order for Pol to inherit Firon; horrified, Rohan asked that Prince Laric of Dorval be named and confirmed as Firon's Prince, thus enabling Firon to retain its independence.



Balarat is the royal seat of Firon. Yarin of Snowcoves and various diarmadhi traitors tried to take over this Keep and all of Firon during the Vellanti War. Balarat was reclaimed by Prince Laric with the help of Prince Arlis, Rohannon, and Aldiara. The Keep was retaken without a drop of blood spilled as most of the traitor diarmadh'im were caught in Pol's ros'salath at Skybowl.


Snowcoves is a minor keep in Firon. This was the birthplace Laric's and Ludhil's wives, who were sisters, and their brother Yarin, who tried to take over Firon, during the Vellanti War.

Princes and Princesses of Firon
Gavran - Trest - Gavrina - Ajit and Pavla
Laric and Lisiel - Tirel - Larien