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High Prince is a fictional title given to the ruling Prince of the Continent in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

The High Prince governs the Princes of the Desert, Cunaxa, Dorval, Syr, Gilad, Ossetia, Meadowlord, Grib, Kierst/Isel, Fessenden, and Firon from his seat in Princemarch, the center-most princedom on the Continent. The colors of Princemarch are violet and gold, and its banner is of a leaping brown deer on violet bordered in gold. In the Old Tongue the High Prince's title is Kir'rei.

The Lord or Lady of Goddess Keep is the only person who does not bow to the High Prince. They are held in relatively the same esteem, though the Lord or Lady must abide by the laws of the Continent and thus the High Prince. Also, Goddess Keep is held of the High Prince; in other words should the Lord/Lady or his/her faradh'im overstep their bounds or oaths, the High Prince can take Goddess Keep from them.

The female equivalent of the High Prince is High Princess. She is the wife of the High Prince and can share his power. In the Old Tongue she is the Kir'reia.

High Prince's Writ[]

Main article: High Prince's Writ

The High Prince's Writ was the title given to the standardized laws crafted by High Prince Rohan. It was the highest law of the Continent and granted immense power to the High Prince.

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