The High Prince's Writ is a fictional writ of laws in Melanie Rawn's novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

The High Prince's Writ is the title given to the standardized laws crafted by High Prince Rohan. It was the highest law of the Continent and granted immense power to the High Prince. The beauty of the High Prince's Writ is that the High Prince seldom had to put it to use as the Writ is merely the overrulling form of legal codes already in place and enforced by each princedom. Among other things, the Writ established boundaries between the princedoms of the Continent. At the Rialla all of the Princes agreed upon the boundaries of their lands in order to ensure a peaceful and accepted transition.


Medr'im were established groups of five (medri means five in the Old Tongue) soldiers travelling the Continent in order to keep the peace. The Medr'im were made up of younger sons, who had been trained at Remagev under Walvis. Instead of living listless lives, these younger sons were now able to become extensions of the High Prince. It should be noted that at first these Merd'im only travelled the Desert as they had been created for the benefit of younger sons, not for the purpose of imposing the High Prince's law upon every princedom. As the idea and word of the usefulness of the Merd'im spread, other princedoms opened their borders to them.