Kierst-Isel is a fictional princedom in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors scarlet and yellow
Banner silver flasks bordered in black on scarlet bordered in yellow
Trade scrolls, gold

Kierst-Isel an island princedom, formed by the uniting of Kierst and Isel through Prince Arlis. For hundreds of years the princedoms of Kierst and Isel were at odds, nearly on the brink of war. The border between princedoms often wavered, and at the Rialla their Princes disagreed on principle. Due to Isel's support of High Prince Roelstra during the War of 704, Prince Saumer was highly 'encouraged' to marry his heir to one of Prince Volog of Kierst's daughters and to marry his daughter to Volog's heir. Years later after Volog's heir had a son, Saumer's heir died - or rather he was secretly murdered by Pandsala. This made the young Prince Arlis the heir to a united Kierst-Isel.


Kierst was an island princedom on the isle of Kierst-Isel. One of Kierst's traditions was to wait two years after the marriage ceremony to confirm the union. This time gave both parties the right to dissolve unwanted marriages.

  • New Raetia: Royal seat of Kierst. There are nearby goldmines.
  • Scriptorium: Established by Rohan during the long peace. This is a library and a university of sorts.


Isel was an island princedom on the isle of Kierst-Isel. Due to Prince Saumer helping Roelstra in his 704 war against the Desert, the heirs of Kierst and Isel married their rivals' daughters. The plan was to stop the years of fighting and to promote peace, but years later the heir to Isel died without any sons. This left young Prince Arlis of Kierst the sole heir to both princedoms. When Arlis was knighted, he became the ruling Prince of Isel.

  • Zaldivar: Royal seat of Isel.
Princes and Princesses of Kierst and Isel
Kierst: Sinar and Siona - Volog and Gyula - Latham and Hevatia - Birani - Volnaya - Alasen
Isel: Saumer - Obram and Birani - Hevatia
Kierst-Isel: Arlis and Demalia - Saumer - Alathiel - Roric - Hanella - Brenoc