Knight is an earned title in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.


Knighthood is bestowed upon a young man after years of devoted service and hard training. Young men are fostered out between the ages of nine and thirteen. They serve as squires, while training in combat and courtly conduct. The young man is also trained in ruling a Keep or an even princedom. Most young men are knighted at the Rialla, during the Lastday ceremonies, though squires can be knighted on the field of battle. Only knights can challenge other knights in a duel.

Knighting CeremonyEdit

During the Knighting Ceremony, the squire wears his fostering Lord's/Prince's colors and a belt of his father's colors. Princes' sons are knighted first, then sons of powerful athr'im down to lesser athr'im. The fostering Lord/Prince buckles a golden buckle on the squire's belt. A woman of the Lord's/Prince's family then presents the former squire with a loaf of bread, a vial of salt, and a special token specific to the fostering court. The newly made knight bows to his Lord and Lady, then bows to the High Prince (and High Princess/heir/Lady or Lord of Goddess Keep if present).


A Squire is a 'Knight-in-Training.' When a boy is fostered out he becomes a squire to an athri or Prince. A squire learns how to serve, rule, conduct politics, fight in combat, strategize, conduct oneself in a courtly manner, etc.. During the squirehood little contact is made between the squire and his family. Letters and packages are allowed, and if they are at the Rialla they are typically allowed to visit, though becoming self-sufficient is part of a squire's training. Usually around the age of twenty winters a squire is knighted at the Rialla.