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Masul, the Pretender , is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novel, The Star Scroll, which is the second book of the Dragon Prince Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Race human
Birth 698, Roelstra's barge outside Waes, Meadowlord
Titles Pretender
Princedom Princemarch


Masul was born in 698 on Roelstra's barge. His mother, Ailech, was a servant in the kitchens of Castle Crag as was her husband. Both Ailech and her husband died shortly after Masul's birth, and Masul was taken to Dason Manor, where Ailech's parents were pensioners. As Masul grew it became evident that he was not the son of Ailech's husband, to whom he bore no resemblance; Masul was tall, dark, and green-eyed, while the husband was short and dark. Ailech's family was blonde, short, and generally brown-eyed. After putting up with snide comments all through his youth, Masul turned into a bitter young man, full of wounded pride and a desire to prove himself superior to everyone else. When rumors spread about him being the possible son of the late High Prince, Masul latched onto the rumor as truth. He learned how to ride, use the sword, and speak like a highborn; he awaited the time when he could reclaim his 'father's' throne.

Rialla of 719[]

His chance came before the Rialla of 719. His aunt, who was in the service of Lady Kiele of Waes, told him that her mistress wished to meet him and, if she believed Masul was her brother, she would sponsor him at the Rialla. Masul went to Waes.

At the Rialla, he challenged Pol's right to Princemarch, claiming it as his own through blood. As Roelstra's barge had gone up in flames all those years ago and there were in fact two babies on board, Masul's claim could not be discarded out of hand. Then a man named Gernius came forward, claiming that Masul was his son. Gernius, who had been a member of Roelstra's barge crew, was tall with black hair, green eyes, and had facial features similar to Masul's. Before High Prince Rohan could question the man, Gernius was killed by a man pretending to be a Merida. The debate about Masul's parentage continued, this time without evidence to gainsay the claim. That being said, Masul had murdered an itinerant Sunrunner; his life was already forfeit.

After being knighted by Prince Miyon of Cunaxa, Masul challenged Pol to a duel, but Pol, being only fourteen and not yet knighted, was unable to fight. Maarken, his older cousin, fought Masul in his place. In a fair fight Maarken would have won, but sorcery assaulted him, blurring his vision with shapes of phantom warriors. Masul toyed with Maarken, knocking him around as he tried to fight dozens of shadowed enemies. Masul was about to kill him, when Rohan intervened; Rohan killed him with two well-thrown daggers.