Meadowlord is a fictional location in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

Dragon Prince Locations
Colors light green
Banner leaping black deer
Seat Swalekeep
Jewels carnelians
Trade wheat

Meadowlord is a central princedom caught between The Desert and Princemarch. For most of its existence it has been the battle field of those two powerful princedoms. Autumns in this princedom are typically hot and humid with an influx of insects.



Swalekeep is the royal seat of Meadowlord, which has a large city attached to it. The oldest part of the castle was built by a warrior, who had claimed the lands as his own. Throughout the years his heirs added to the defensive castle. During this time the city's population grew rapidly due to warring border princedoms, namely The Desert and Princemarch. As more people sought the shelter of the city, a Prince of Meadowlord built a wall around his holding. The wall has been of use as it during the War of 704 it protected Swalekeep, but since Rohan became High Prince it was deemed unnecessary - after all "Rohan would build walls stronger than any stone." [1] The people of Swaleskeep soon took to knocking down sections of the wall in order to use the granite as foundation stones for houses, stores, mounting blocks, etc.. The city itself was very crowded, but public parks bountiful with trees and flowers offered peaceful succor. After Chiana became Princess, she even had the largest park converted into an animal garden. This unique garden was home to deer, elk, an eagle (clipped wings), a pair of wolves (unable to breed), and a mountain cat (declawed).


Waes is a large Keep and city in Meadowlord and the traditional site of the Rialla before it was moved to Dragon's Rest. During the Plague in 701, the seaside palace of Waes' Lords was converted into a hospital; it soon became a center of death. Lord Jervis ordered the palace to be burned - he died the same day and was set ablaze with it. The Lord's family moved into the city. Over the years the new Lord of Waes acquired houses on either side of that one, knocked down the walls, and joined them all together in a ramshackle of thirty rooms and five levels. The residence was surrounded by the homes of wealthy merchants and courtiers. Parks ringed the neighborhood, then led to Brockwell Bay and the portside of the city. After various Lords of Waes rebelled against the High Prince, the Keep became a free holding, unbeholden to Meadowlord. Its colors are red and yellow.

Princes and Princesses of Meadowlord
Clutha - Halian and Chiana - Gennadi - Rinhoel - Palila
Ostvel and Alasen - Dannar - Jeni - Milar

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