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Melanie Rawn is an American fantasy author. She graduated from Scrigg College with a BA in history and worked as a teacher and editor before becoming a writer. Three of her novels - Dragon Prince, Skybowl, and Ruins of Ambrai - were nominated for Locus awards in fantasy.


Dragon Prince Trilogy[]

Dragon Star Trilogy[]

Exiles Trilogy[]

Stand-Alone Novels[]

  • The Rushden Legacy 1985
  • Knights of the Morningstar 1994
  • The Golden Key 1996 (with Kate Elliot and Jennifer Roberson)
  • Spellbinder 2006
  • Fire Raiser (forthcoming 2009)
  • Diviner (forthcoming)

Short Stories[]

  • Salve, Regina in Return to Avalon 1995 and Treasures of Fantasy 1997
  • The Abbot of Croxton in Highwaymen: Robbers & Rogues 1997
  • Of the Death of Kings in Warrior Enchantresses 1996
  • There Goes the Neighborhood in Return of the Dinosaurs 1997
  • The Lady's Gift in A Magic-Lover's Treasury of the Fantastic 1998
  • Introduction for Ancient Enchantresses 1995

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