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The Rialla is a fictional event in Melanie Rawn’s fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star trilogies.

The Rialla is a gathering of Lords and Princes, which takes place every three years. The High Prince oversees the Rialla along with the Lady or Lord of Goddess Keep. The Princes meet to establish laws, make treaties, and to trade. Lords often knight their charges and also marry. In addition to the political maneuverings, the Rialla is also a five day fair. Merchants from all over the Continent come to trade, including horse breeders. There are great races at the Rialla which everyone attends no matter one's rank. Traditionally the Rialla was held near Waes of Meadowlord, but has been moved to Dragon's Rest in Princemarch.

  • Day One: The gathering officially opens with the arrival of the High Prince. It is the main fair day and during it everyone is treated as equal rank insofar as walking the grounds.
  • Day Two: The Princes meet individually with the High Prince as the Lords meet in the Athr'im Council, which is held separately.
  • Day Three: Race day. There are about ten races, during which much betting and gambling ensues. Most races take place on the track, but one is cross country and very hazardous. Gold used to be the prize for these races, but in 698 gems were awarded at the suggestion of Princess Ianthe. This increased the jewelers' trade significantly and brought back the bejeweled style for Ladies.
  • Day Four: The final day of political maneuverings, it is filled with Princely conferences, during which each meets with the High Prince.
  • Day Five: The last day of the fair, it is when all official documents are signed and stamped by the Lady or Lord of Goddess Keep. The Lastday Ceremonies and weddings are also performed.