Rohannon of Whitecliff is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels in the Dragon Prince Trilogy and Dragon Star Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Lord Rohannon of Whitecliff
Race faradhi
Birth 722, Whitecliff, The Desert
Colors amethyst, diamond, and garnet
Princedom The Desert


Rohannon was born in 722 to Maarken and Hollis and was the twin of Chayla. He had Sunrunner gifts, but was fostered out to New Raetia/Zaldivar instead of going straight to Goddess Keep. This was following the tradition his father had started for future Sunrunner Lords. Before Rohannon's fostering had been completed the Vellant'im attacked.

During the war, Rohannon had to act as a Court Sunrunner for Prince Arlis of Kierst-Isel even though he hadn't really been trained yet. To augment his abilities and fend off seasickness he took dranath. Like his mother, Hollis, he became addicted. His addiction was discovered by a 'lad' from Yarin of Snowcoves' household. This 'lad' had to nurse Rohannon off the drug and quickly. Unlike his mother's slow weaning, Rohannon almost had to go cold turkey. Though he almost didn't make it, Rohannon eventually pulled through his addiction. It was then that he realized that the 'lad' tending him was really Aldiara, a sorceress his own age and a distant cousin of Yarin's, dressed as a boy. Together he and Aldiara found sorcerers ready to rally to Pol's banner and also helped Arlis and Laric root out the traitor Yarin.

At the end of the war, both Rohannon and Aldiara were honored for their bravery and their tale was put written into a song by Ostvel. "Rohannon, Rohannon the Sunrunner lad!" [1] Rohannon was also reunited with his parents and sister. During the victory celebration, Tobin tripped Aldiara and caused the girl to tumble into Rohannon - Tobin was sure the two would one day marry and was glad to help the couple along. Being his grandfather's grandson, Rohannon smoothly asked Aldiara to dance.

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