Ruala of Elktrap Manor is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

Dragon Prince Character
Ruala of Elktrap Manor
Race diarmadhi
Birth 700, Elktrap Manor, Princemarch
Titles Lady of Elktrap Manor, Lady of Feruche, Lady of Skybowl
Princedom Princemarch, The Desert


Dragon Prince TrilogyEdit

was born in 700, and was the only heir of Garic, her grandfather and the Lord of Elktrap Manor. Her parents died of the plague in 701 and her twin sister named Rossana died in a climbing accident in 724. Ruala knew that she was a diarmadhi, but hid what she was from the group of Desert Lords, who came to the Manor in 728 investigating the dragon kills. Her kind were long used to hiding what they were. Two members of the party, Pol, Prince of Princemarch, and Riyan, Lord of Skybowl, were also diarmadh'im. Riyan could tell that she and her grandfather were hiding something; he was suspicious, partly because he felt himself drawn to Ruala. For her part, Ruala felt the same pull. When Riyan confronted her grandfather, Ruala stepped forward and told him what she was. She then explained that she could use an old mirror to conjure spells, though she was not actually trained in the diarmadhi arts. Ruala then helped Riyan and the others on their journey to discover who had been killing dragons. She and Riyan admitted their feelings for each other before he left. They were married later that year.

Dragon Star TrilogyEdit

Ruala and Riyan had a daughter named Maara and were expecting another child, when the Vellant'im attacked the Continent. While Riyan fought the war by Pol's side, Ruala was crucial in the plot to convince the Vellant'im High Warlord that her husband had defected from the High Prince's side. She stood before the High Warlord and offered him Skybowl. At first the High Warlord treated her as beneath his notice - then he found out that she was pregnant. The change that overcame him astonished Ruala as well as the other women (Sioned et al.), who were disguised as servants. The High Warlord ushered Ruala into a chair and saw to it that she was kept comfortable - after all she might be carrying her husband's son.

The Battle of Skybowl was High Prince Pol's final stand against the Vellant'im. There he joined with Andry and his Devr'im, faradh'im, and diarmadh'im from all over the Continent. He then proceeded to defeat the massive Vellant'im army without lifting another blade. The war was won. Skybowl was then the host of every Prince and Lord, come to swear their fealty to the High Prince.