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Ruval is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's Dragon Prince Trilogy. He is one of the primary antagonists in Sunrunner's Fire.

Dragon Prince Character
Lord Ruval
Race diarmadhi
Birth 700, Feruche, Princemarch
Colors amethyst, garnet, and ruby
Rings mockingly wore ten
Titles Lord of Feruche (self-declared)
Princedom Princemarch


Ruval was born in 700, fathered by Chelan. He survived the plague and the burning of Feruche and was taken in to the mountains of Princemarch along with two of his younger half-brothers, Marron and Segev. The three brothers thought that Ianthe's youngest had burned with her. Ruval, Marron, and Segev were raised by the sorceress Mireva, who was a kinswoman of their grandmother, Lallante of the Mountain. Mireva taught Ruval to use his diarmadhi gifts and fuelled the fury of revenge inside him. She molded him to be the Sorcerer High Prince, his place by right of birth. In 726 he and Mireva went to Swalekeep to join Marron, who had infiltrated Chiana's guard. While their Ruval found an ancient diarmadhi mirror, which Mireva used to ensnare Chiana, who would later be made to wage war on Dragon's Rest, Pol's palace.

Two years later Ruval and Marron started to kill dragons. As intended, Desert Lords went to investigate. When Pol finally caught up with them - Ruval had hold of their third dragon - Ruval announced his name and his right to Princemarch. A battle ensued, during which Sorin, the new Lord of Feruche, was killed by Marron. The half-brother's escaped to Cunaxa and enlisted Prince Miyon's aid in getting them into Stronghold. Ruval and Marron disguised themselves in sorcery and rode with Prince Miyon's entourage to the Desert's royal seat.

As Ruval planned his challenge he gathered items, which belonged to Hollis and her children; he wanted their deaths because Hollis had killed Segev nine years earlier. After Marron's death and Mireva's capture, Ruval challenged Pol for the right to Princemarch. They dueled using both faradhi and diarmadhi skills. That Pol knew diarmadhi skills and could use them well, surprised Ruval; as did the revelation that Pol was, in fact, his youngest half-brother. At first Ruval and Pol seemed fairly well matched, but then Mireva escaped and aided Ruval. Pol faltered, but managed to survive and gain the upper hand; he called Sunrunner's Fire to the Desert. Both men were injured and growing desperate, when they heard a dragon roar. Ruval grabbed the dragonsire with sorcery and tried to make it kill Pol. Pol's mind battled with his and the dragon's, but then Pol let go. With him went the dragon, which turned on Ruval. The dragon, later to be bonded with Pol and named Azhdeen, killed Ruval, ending the duel and the last threat to Pol's rule of Princemarch and to the next High Prince.

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