Sorin of Radzyn Keep, Lord of Feruche is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Lord Sorin of Radzyn Keep
Race human
Birth 699, Radzyn, The Desert
Titles Lord of Feruche
Princedom The Desert


Sorin was born in 699, twin to Andry, and the son of Tobin and Chay. Unlike Maarken and Andry, Sorin was not a faradhi. Sorin never begrudged his twin the Sunrunner gifts he loved so much, in fact Sorin probably knew Andry better than anyone even after their time apart. Sorin was, however, his Prince's man through and through. He had been fostered to New Raetia, where he was knighted in 719 at the Rialla. He was also made Lord of Feruche, which had been abandoned since Sioned burned it down after Pol's birth. Sorin was given the task to rebuild the tower, a task he took to most readily. He enjoyed the planning, building, and the chance to be an architect. During this time he apparently had formed an affection for Betheyn, his chief architect's daughter, as she later claimed to be his unofficial betrothed.

In 728 there were reports of dragon killings in the mountains around Feruche. When Sorin went to investigate, he was met by Marron and Ruval, both sons of Ianthe and Sorcerers. They wanted revenge for the deaths of their younger brother, Segev (whom Hollis, Sorin's sister-in-law, had killed), Ianthe (whom Sioned had killed), Roelstra (whom Rohan had killed), and for Feruche itself. Sorin, they figured, would be a good place to begin their revenge. Marron killed him.

Sorin's death struck his family deeply. Had he lived, the course of history could have been greatly altered; however, after his death Andry, went on a diarmadhi killing spree and grew estranged from their parents and family. The breach was not mended - or did not begin to mend - until the Vellanti War forced them all together and Andry was woven into the light.

Sorin of Ossetia, son of Tilal and Gemma, was named after him.