The Star Scroll is a fictional item in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince and Dragon Star Trilogies.

The Star Scroll was discovered by Meath in 719, while he was the Court Sunrunner of Greypearl on the island Princedom of Dorval. The Scroll was so named due to the drawing of a starry night above the words ' On Sorceries.' The Scroll contains sorcerers' spells and was found with three scrolls of ancient history. The scrolls were all written in the Old Tongue and in code by Lady Merisel, the ancient leader of the Sunrunners. She had written the histories as a key for the code: a twig symbol beneath a word meant that the word was supposed to have the opposite meaning. In the scroll entitled ' On Sorceries,' the twig symbol was before ingredients meant not to be included in the recipes. These ingredients would render the recipe harmless - in essence they were the antidote for the true recipe.

Andry discovered the twig mark's significance. He, Hollis, and Segev translated the Scrolls. Andry and Hollis performed an experiment using the twig theory to prove to Lady Andrade that he had correctly interpreted the twig's meaning; they made two batches of paste, one exactly as the scroll described and one omitting the twigged ingredients. The paste made following the twig translation caused a burning sensation, while the other paste did nothing. Water nullified the burning paste.

Both Pol and Andry, as well as Rohan and Sioned, studied the Star Scroll and have used its contents. Pol used the Scroll to learn about the Rabikor for his duel with Ruval.

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