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Dragon Prince Locations


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 bgcolor    = |
 fgcolor    = |
 colors     = |
 banner     = |
 princedom  = |
 seat       = |
 jewels     = |
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Heading Color System

The bgcolor denotes princedom's of Keep's primary color; princedoms' colors are given in the Dragon Prince Trilogy article.

  • Goddess Keep: white
  • Vellanti Islands: black

The fgcolor denotes Keep's other color, or princedom's secondary color

  • Goddess Keep: gold
  • Vellanti Islands: gray

Information Given

Colors: the princedom or Keep's colors

Banner: the princedom or Keep's banner

  • Goddess Keep: none
  • Vellanti Islands: battle standard of High Warlord

Princedom: none if a princedom, otherwise the Keep's princedom

  • Goddess Keep: none
  • Vellanti Islands: none

Seat: none if Keep, otherwise the princedom's royal seat

  • Goddess Keep: none
  • Vellanti Islands: none

Jewels: gemstone of princedom, Prince/Lords royal jewels

  • Goddess Keep: moonstones
  • Vellanti Islands: none

Trade: the main trade of princedom/Keep

  • Goddess Keep: communication
  • Vellanti Islands: unknown


Dragon Prince Locations
Colors violet
Banner leaping brown deer
Seat Castle Crag, then Dragon's Rest
Jewels amethysts, amethyst ring
Trade carved elkhorn, dranath