The Dragon Token is a novel written by author Melanie Rawn. It is the second book of the Dragon Star Trilogy.

The Dragon Token
Author Melanie Rawn
Cover artist Michael Whelan
Country United States
Language English
Series Dragon Star Trilogy
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher DAW Books
Publication date 1993
Media type paperback
Pages 647
ISBN 0-88677-542-6
Preceded by Stronghold
Followed by Skybowl


As the Vellanti War continues, loyalties and families are divided, new alliances are formed, and an ancient power is revived. Pol, the newly made High Prince, copes with the death of his father and the burden of war. He and the rest of the Desert forces are trapped within Feruche, a tower which holds revisited horrors for Sioned. Andry, the Lord of Goddess Keep, decides he is needed in the Desert more than at Goddess Keep, and sets off on a journey to his homeland, which he hasn't seen in nine years. The invaders, the Vellant'im, continue to push through the Continent, and gain a few allies, such as Chiana, one of Roelstra's daughters and Princess of Meadowlord. The sorcerers also begin to come out of hiding.


Pol is torn between anger and guilt at his father's death and relief that he can finally act out against the invading Vellant'im. As he and his mother, Sioned, try to uncover more about the invaders, they discover hidden secrets within an ancient mirror that had belonged to Sioned's old friend, Camigwen. An ancient sorcerer, Lord Rosseyn, is trapped within the mirror. Rosseyn tells Pol of his past and teaches him more about his sorcerous heritage. Meanwhile, Pol's wife and daughters are attacked by the Vellant'im. High Princess Meiglan and Rislyn are taken captive, but Andry, who had been travelling from Goddess Keep, saves Jihan.

The southern princedoms are slowly being reclaimed,although many lives are lost, including Prince Kostas of Syr and Rihani of Ossetia. The Dorvali resistance mounts raids on the enemy, preventing them from joining the forces on the Continent, and Kierst-Isel remains secure. Goddess Keep is guarded by the Devr'im in Andry's absence.

Other princedoms, such as Grib and Fessenden, have so far remained neutral, but ambitious and/or devoted Princes try to rouse their fathers and their people.

In Firon the sorcerers capture the royal seat in Balarat and control the princedom through young Prince Tirel. Idalain, Tirel's squire in the absence of the boy's father, tries to protect the boy, but is forced to pretend he is unaware that the princedom is being overtaken. Yarin, a sorcerer and Tirel's uncle, names himself Regent of Firon. In order to keep Idalain busy, Yarin orders the squire to teach his kinsman, Aldiar, swordplay.

As the Vellanti War continues, Pol, his family, and allies must hurry to discover a weakness in their enemies and must overcome past hatreds in order to work together.

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