Urival, Chief Steward of Goddess Keep , is a fictional character in Melanie Rawn's fantasy novels of the Dragon Prince Trilogy.

Dragon Prince Character
Race diarmadhi
Birth 653
Colors sapphire, moonstone, and amber
Rings nine
Titles Chief Steward of Goddess Keep


Urival was born in 653, he was made Chief Steward of Goddess Keep in 681. He trained Sioned well beyond her Sunrunner rings and had been the one to go to her for her Woman-making night, just as Andrade had been the one to go to him. He accompanied his Lady to the Rialla of 698 and bore witness to Rohan's rescue of Sioned from Roelstra. In fact Urival had helped Rohan enter the High Prince's camp by scaring off the guards with his nine faradhi rings.

Six years later, during the war between Princemarch and The Desert, Urival again accompanied his Lady, this time in a disguised escapee from Goddess Keep. He, Andrade, Pandsala, and Chiana were going to lend their aid to the Desert, but Pandsala ran to her father, Roelstra. The rest of their party took cover in River Run, the home of Davvi, Sioned's older brother. They were again surrounded by Roelstra's troops, but this time they sought the aid of Llyen's sailors, who sneaked into the Keep and then impersonated Roelstra's men. At long last Andrade and Urival caught up with Rohan and the Desert army. He and the Lady witnessed the duel between Roelstra and Rohan and were both caught up in Sioned's starweave - something that shocked them both.

Urival had loved Andrade, but knew that she was busy fulfilling the Goddess's - and her own - plans for the future. Near death, she realized what his feelings were and that hers were the same. Years later, Urival trained Andry after the young man had been made Lord of Goddess Keep. Urival also travelled to Stronghold in order to train Pol.

Urival was in fact a diarmadhi.